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Episode 1: In which Mr Overall dies - Mr Kenneth leaves Miss Babs - There is a humourous incident with the Tea - Mr Clifford returns and makes a confession. (Read the Script)

Episode 2: In which Miss Berta is discharged from Hospital and inherits a fortune from her father who is then spotted in the Post Office. (Read the Script)

Episode 3: In which Trixie ("Trixie Trouble they call me") is promoted - There are revelations regarding parentage of the Trixie and the triplets. (Read the Script)

Episode 4: In which it is discovered that Trixie is engaged to her brother and Acorn Antiques is threatened by the plans of Cousin Jerez from Marbella. (Read the Script)

Episode 5: In which Derek has heart trouble - Miss Berta devlops amnesia - Mr Clifford reveals he is married to Miss Berta. (Read the Script)

Episode 6: In which Mr Clifford has a fight - Miss Berta's amnesia is cured and her father's new will leaves the entire fortune to Mrs Overall who is discovered to be the mother of Miss Berta and Derek - Trixie takes holy orders - Mrs Overall poisons Miss Babs. (Read the Script)

Episode 7: In which Miss Babs puts Acorn Antiques up for sale - Mr Clifford proposes to Miss Babs - Cousin Jerez reforms and goes back to Marbella.

Episode 8: In which Cousin Jerez saves Acorn Antiques and Miss Babs receives 2 proposals of marriage but reveals a deadly allergy.

Episode 9: In which there are "Extensive alterations and drastic refurbishments" - Mrs Overall donates bone marrow to Miss Berta - Miss Babs Decree Nisi comes through - Miss Berta returns from hospital with a a new arrival and Trixie is expelled from the Convent.

Episode 10: In which Acorn Antiques becomes a Health Farm - Miss Babs goes to the Dr - The Coffee becomes decaffeinated and a Mysterious Man is seen in bins lurking by the binoculars.

Episode 11: In which Mr Clifford makes a confession.

The Making of Acorn Antiques Mockumentary

News Flash: The actors who play Mr Clifford and Mrs Overall are axed.

Episode 12: In which Derek and Trixie go to Morocco and Acorn Antiques suffers two deaths. (Read the Script)

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