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The original stage musical, the one staged at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in 2005 and available on DVD, catches up with the cast of Acorn Antiques years after we last saw them on telly. Having been pitched in a ratings war with "When Celebrity Breast Enlargements Go Wrong", Acorn Antiques was axed by the TV company.

Act I: Fast foward to the present day and the 'Enoch Powell Arts Centre and Leisure Complex' in Sutton Coldfield. An Avante Guarde theatre director has written a musical based on the soap to showcase his own 'talents' and enlists the services of the cast to reprise their much loved TV roles and get 'bums on seats'. Unfortunately, the musical is not what the cast expect. We follow the company's rehearsal of "Acorn Antiques - The Musical" as they struggle with the new conceptualisation of Acorn Antiques, faulty props, over-enthusiastic wrecking ball operators and, most importantly, the whereabouts of the tray.

Act II is a musical within a musical and shows us the final, much altered by Bo Beaumont, version of "Acorn Antiques - The Musical". Instead of pessimistic, left-wing political statements it now follows a more conservative yet prescient plot of Miss Babs' struggle to keep the antiques business open, as shop after shop in the High Street is forced out by faceless chains, while Mrs Overall harbours a secret concerning Miss Babs' and Miss Berta's parentage. Thrown in to the mix are a missing will and confusion with the Triplets, creating the familiar comic mayhem and numerous opportunities for hilarious new numbers.

Current Tour

Victoria Wood has re-written Acorn Antiques the Musical for the current tour. The first half has been almost completely removed and the show now concentrates more what was previously Act II, the performance of "Acorn Antiques - The Musical".

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