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Why are there no photographs?

The reason I do not currently have a photo gallery is that I have yet to take screencaps myself. All the content on this site has been created by me and I don't wish to pinch other peoples hard work. It's not fair on the people who've put in the hard work taking and posting their own pictures and it's not fair on you either. Why would anyone want to see the same pictures twice? While I work on taking my own images, why not google for some Acorn-y goodness.

Why doesn't the site say anything about who you are?

For one very simple reason: is not about me. This site is dedicated to Acorn Antiques so including anything about me runs the risk of being intrusive. Should you be curious about who's behind this site, then pay a visit to Shakespeare's Quill.

If you have a question please ask me. I enjoy receiving feedback and I don't bite, except on very special occassions.

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