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The A - Z of Acorn Antiques

A is for...
Amnesia: Suffered by Miss Berta in the TV series and Mr. Clifford in the Musical.
Amo: The name of the coffee house into which Acorn Antiques is turned in the Musical - Amo being Latin for 'I Love'.
As Seen On TV: The television programme in which Acorn Antiques first appeared.

Barricade: Built by the residents of Manchesterford to defend against the local council in the Musical.
Boadicea Beaumont: The name of the actress who plays Mrs. Overall (played by Julie Walters, of course).

Cafè Continental: The musical within the musical.
Convent: Entered by Trixie Trouble.

Dakar: Capital city of Senegal in which Miss Berta's father is shot dead.

Electrocution: The method by which Mr. Clifford meets his fate in the final Episode of the TV series.
Engagement: A state which Mr. Clifford spend most of the musical avoiding.

Formica Motel: Visted by both Trixie and Miss Babs in Epsiode 3 of the TV series.

Gainsborough: Thomas Gainsborough (1727-1788) Famous 18th Century British painter of the 'Blue Boy' as stocked by Acorn Antiques.

Health Farm: After 'extensive refurbishments' the Antiques shop is turned into Acorn Antiques Health Farm and Leisure Centre.
Homemade: Made by Mrs Overall: macaroons, coffee, sherry etc.

Iron: The faulty implement that causes Mr Clifford's accident in the final Episode.

Jiffy Bag: Used my Mrs Overall in the TV series and Musical. In the series the bone marrow she donates to Miss Berta leaks out of the Jiffy bag and in the musical she keeps her script and Hemorrhoid preparation in them.
Judo: Trixie and Derek enter the International Judo competition in the Health Farm episode, they come 3rd - Tibet is first and then Manchesterford.

Kenneth (Mr.): Miss Babs' unseen husband.

Lampshade: Causes a lot of trouble in the TV series - masking people and being knocked over.
Leotard: Baggy yellow one, as worn by Mrs Overall in the Health Centre episode.

Macaroon: Sweet Almond cakes as made on a regular basis by Mrs Overall.
Manchesterford: Fictional town in which Acorn Antiques is set.

Nobby No Carbs: Insult Mrs Overall throws at Tony in the musical. He doesn't eat carbohydrates.

Oysters: Made by Miss Babs for Mr Clifford using instant mash potato and "a heck of a lot of nail varnish".

Parkin: Type of cake made by Mrs Overall in the musical.
Pinny: Short for Apron, as worn so stylishly by Mrs Overall.
Poison: As administered by Mrs Overall to Miss Babs in Episode 6.

Quiche: Sold by the Minehead Theatre, frequented by The Announcer.

Rubber Gloves: Another item of apparel worn by Mrs Overall.

Sweeteners: Used in Miss Babs coffee. Their absence (or otherwise) causes much hilarity.
SCALOPS: Sutton Coldfield Amateur Light Operatic Society. The chorus in the Musical.

Telephone: Infamous prop used by Miss Babs in every episode. It never works properly.
Tray: As carried by Mrs Overall, assuming she remembers it.
Triplets: In the TV Series they are Miss Babs children; in the Musical Misses Babs, Berta and Bonnie are Mrs Overall's children.
Tweed: Worn by Miss Babs and Miss Berta - all the time. Possibly surgically attached.

Unblocko The compressed air thingy Miss Babs wants to use on her blocked sink but Mrs Overall ends up using "below the plimsoll line".

Varicose Veins: One of Mrs Overall's medical conditions.

Wolesley: The car driven by Mr Kenneth.
Wedding: Causes much consternation for Trixie when she gets jam on her dress in the TV Series and much trouble for Miss Berta when mr Clifford forgets their engagement for 20 years in the Musical.

eXperimental: The type of theatre usually performed in the studio theatre in Sutton Coldfield. (Yes, I know - tenuous. Got any better ideas?)

Yoghurt: Causes much embarrassment for The Announcer.

Zoo: Mr Kenneth take Miss Babs and the triplets to Manchesterford Zoo.

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