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TV and Stage Characters:

Mrs Overall
Julie Walters (TV + West End)
Victoria Wood (West End - Bingo Nights)
Ria Jones (UK Tour)
Miss Berta
Victoria Wood (TV)
Sally Ann Triplet (West End)
Lisa Peace (UK Tour)
Miss Babs
Celia Imrie (TV + West End)
Sara Crowe (UK Tour)
Mr Clifford
Duncan Preston (TV + West End)
Teddy Kempner (UK Tour)

Stage Only:

West End: Josie Lawrence
UK Tour: Kim Ismay
West End: Neil Morrissey
UK Tour: Alistair Robbins
West End: Jenna Boyd
UK Tour: Beverley Rudd
West End: Gareth Bryn
UK Tour: Michael Melmoe
West End
UK Tour:
Sally Bankes
Claire Winsper
Nova Skipp
Laura Medforth
Carl Sanderson
Grant Anthony
Andy Brady
Suzanne Richardson
Phillip Sutton
Ian Mowat
Rachel Bingham
Glen Conner

TV Only:

Announcer: Susie Blake
Cousin Jerez: Peter Ellis
Derek: Kenny Ireland

Other TV Persona: Trixie and Customers:

Biographies will follow for all the cast members, not just the West End Ensemble, will follow shortly. In the meantime, if you wish to discover more about the current touring cast then the official site is the best place to start.

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